Greetings today we worked on our masks - putting on the "skin" so that they can be decorated and painted in the coming days. There are some very interesting animal combinations that took place and it will be interesting to see what their "powers" are.

Artists also went to the Farnsworth Museum with a partner and had to decide collaboratively on a painting, sculpture, print, etc. that inspired them and they are now in the process of creating a painting based on that image.  Artists did a great job working together to decide what inspired them both and it will be super interesting to see how each artist takes this inspiration.  Stay tuned for that!

Oh and of course they worked even more on our fabulous wall mural, it has already exceeded all my expectations as the artists continue across walls, floors and doors. Can't wait to see it completed on Friday.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow !

Skills of today

Fine Motor 


Teamwork and negotiations

Color and composition

Good listening 

Following multiple steps of directions