Greetings - Ready for the start of the day, looking forward to meeting everyone, I am sure that the studio won't look like this at the end of today! Check back soon for some great updates. Kristine

Today's Projects:

Today we started off with our review/introduction of Hot and Cool colors, their energy levels and how they compliment each other. Artists then made their own paper using water colors / coffee filters to then cut up and collage into a continuous line of art. Each artist had to coordinate with two other artists to make sure their end lines met up and that they were putting their hot and cool colors together in a fluid way.  

Team building


Problem Solving

Creative Thinking 

 Artists also began a week long project of creating a mural on our walls using painters tape. This requires everyone to work together, to decide on how to format and compose the entire image and how to allow others creative choice on their artwork as well. We are off to a great start on this!

Artists also started the "innards" of their mask making project. More to come on that as well!

Great first day, this is an excellent group and we are going to have a great week togethers. See you Tuesday everyone.