Who we are 

This week our theme was teamwork and collaboration. 

Artists worked on several group projects as well as several individual works.

This allowed us to work on our creative choices, fine art making skills, color and composition theory with the personal projects but also problem solving, team building, and collaborating with our group projects.

All great skills for the everyday experiences but also great to strengthen all of these skills for future art making success.

This will all be celebrated on Friday afternoon with an open house art show for all our work, helping artists to appreciate that they are all artists with work that is worthy of respect and discussion.  

Instructor Kristine Biegel is an experienced teaching artist that works with artists of all ages and abilities. She is the owner of The Creative Child and Adult Arts program, a private studio in Scarborough, where she works with artists of all ages and abilities creating art in community and private settings as well as a Maine Artist in her own right working currently on a series titled Whimsical Maine.